Needless to say that the best investment that you can make in your lifetime is investing in yourself.

The outcome of this kind of investment is rarely negative, as you will always learn something and acquire experience from either successes or failures.

Whether your intentions are to achieve more success, acquire more income or develop a skill, these steps, are essential to build a state of mind and a solid ground to obtain your desired results.

1. Make a commitment to intentionally grow

Nothing really happens by accident, coincidence or by chance (maybe a little bit of chance)

A good starting point to reach your goals, is to solely express the desire to grow and mostly to take the commitment to do so.

Before committing to your objective to grow and developing focus, it’s crucial to have an aware desire to grow, a profession of faith, towards yourself and your ability to accomplish what you crave for.

It must be clear, conscious and coming from your deepest desire to grow.

Don’t hesitate to materialize your commitment through putting your desires on a paper, a note, and keeping it with you.

2. Make that commitment public

your desire to grow must be louder than a simple inner wish.

Publicly announcing your intentions strengthens your commitment and takes you a step further in materializing your desire.

You don’t have to shout it out loud to every human being who gets in your way (naysayers and cynics are there, waiting for you to break your confidence)

You may start by telling your close entourage, family, trustful and caring people on whom you can count, who can support you and give you encouragement and advice when you need it.

3. A goal without a plan is just a wish

Now you took your commitment, time for action!

Planning makes you visualize your goals by defining realizable objectives, according to your capacities and the context you live in.

You may start by identifying the exact areas where you want to grow and skills you want to develop.

Set small, attainable objectives, break the big challenges into smaller ones.

Look for guidance through a mentor, a model, knowledge sources (books, magazines, youtube — don’t get distracted though)

4. Commitment means investment

Commitment means that you will put what it takes to achieve your goals.

Taking immediate serious action, implies investing your time and other resources efficiently.

It takes a little bit of obsession to practice and reflect constantly and consistently.

It’s kind of a loop, whether it’s a daily, weekly or monthly process :

1.Prepare → 2.practice → 3.reflect

Reflection, makes you keep in mind the big picture, and prevents you from deviating from your goals. Take proper time to reflect and write about it.

5. Share your growth with someone

as one goes along, successes and failures may occur, it’s a natural process. You may share these events all along with the improvements that you will notice and the lessons you may learn.

share these experiences with your entourage. It has the benefit of keeping your motivation high and restrain the effects frustration in case of failure or slow improvement.

Another option, although not suitable for everybody, is collaboration.

May be you have a friend or a relative with similar desires. Try to work together on common objectives, share information, results, and best practices.


These may not be the only steps or aspects needed to reach your goals and improve yourself.

As you grow, you will learn more about yourself, your abilities and how to improve the way you progress through this journey.

I’m not an expert in the field and I’m exploring, myself, the best ways to grow, and develop my goals. These steps helped me to understand my motivations and develop my mindset.

Growth is a perpetual cycle, not a finality. It’s powered by a crave to learn, open mindedness and curiosity.

Finally, while walk through that journey, don’t hesitate to help other people to grow. Giving is the best exercise to grow yourself.

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